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Re: 2014 Open Training

Drove in to Regina to workout with a guy from the gym Ill be training at soon, we did the group class.

Aug 4
Warmup, including 400m run
Max Front Squat supersetted with 4 sets of 5 strict C2B pull-ups or as close as possible (Touched all, some below collarbone some above)
Barx5 155x5 205x3 245x1 275x1 300x1 320x1 340x1 PR

Felt great, not sure why but I squatted with a wider stance today. Should have gone closer may have done better but also may not have. Very happy to PR.

3 sets, with 3min rest:
400m run
10 Thrusters @ 135lbs
30 DUs
Times: 3:30/3:25/3:1?

Run and thrusters were great, pushed well against the other two guys. I had the fastest transition from run to bar but didn't cycle reps as fast. DUs caught me though. I tripped up a lot and ended up a bit behind. Last round DUs were much better and it showed in my time. Fun workout.
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