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Re: 2014 Open Training

Aug 2 - rest

Aug 3
Warmups... 191x1 201x0 201x1 211x1 218x0x2

Not too bad, would have liked atleast 218 though.

Clean and Jerk
Warmups... 248x1 268x1 280x1 288x0x2

Close on the second clean at 288 just couldn't get my arms around and tighten up fast enough. 280 was solid

Handstand Walk practice for 20ish minutes
Lots of short distances 6-10ft then... 24.5ft PR by 5.5ft, 17ft, 20ft, 18ft, 16ft, 16.5ft

They felt great, I'm really starting to figure it out.

I'll do something later, not sure what.
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