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Re: 2014 Open Training

Great day today, feeling really good about where Im headed.

July 31
Handstand walk - 19ft PR by ~11ft

This felt great, really starting to figure it out. Definitely have more next time.

Warmups.... 181x2 191x1 201x1 211x1 216x1 221x1 226x0

Felt great, it's been awhile since I snatched 220+ so pretty happy to get this.

3 sets:
On 3min Clock:
5 x 186lb Snatch
5 x Burpees

1 miss in 2nd set, 2 in 3rd. Overall really happy with the way this went.

Front Squats 30X1
Warmups... 256lbsx3 276x3x3

Felt iffy, not terrible but not great.

2 Sets, 4min rest:
On 4min Clock:
~400m Run
30 x 20lb Wallball
Score: 22/17

Didn't feel amazing, but pretty happy with how it went. Runs were easy, purposely broke my Wallballs and very broken on T2B.
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