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Re: 2014 Open Training

July 30
Quick warmup
3 sets of Max Kipping C2B pull-ups (Fat Pull-up bar in park) - 11/8/6 (11 is a PR I think, Although I haven't really done many Kipping pull-ups yet so Im sure Ive got more)

Pretty happy considering where I was doing these, I had to reset my kip every rep so I wouldn't fall off.

4 Sets, 3min rest:
On 3min Clock,
~400m Run
Max Kipping HSPU (Done against a Baseball Dugout)
Score: 8/8/6/9

Runs easy, all except the third done in about 1:45 (3rd run I gagged and had a bit of a coughing fit, I think I drank too much water). I'm still having trouble with my HSPU kip and it was done on uneven dirt/gravel so not great but getting better.
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