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Re: 2014 Open Training

Good workout today, feeling good about how things are going.

July 29
5min HS Walk Practice - 8ft PR

Power Clean and Jerk
Warmups... 235lbsx1 251x1 261x1 271x1 (Ties PR) 276x1 (full clean)

Felt great, really happy to tie my PR. More coming soon.

Every 90sec for 5 sets: 5x186lbs P Clean and P Jerk: Complete

One rep done every 10sec, after the last set I did an extra 5 Reps to finish out a heavy Grace....

"185lb Grace"
30 Power Clean and Jerks for time
Time: 7:13 PR

I did this back when I was doing crossfit before in 8:49 so pretty happy with this considering I wasn't pushing the pace at all. I did the last 10 reps without much trouble in 1:13. I have no doubt I could do this in around 5-5.5min. Barely breathing heavy after, nowhere near failure. All reps were power cleaned then straight into a push jerk.

5min Rest

10min Practice Kipping/Muscle ups w/o false grip on rings

5 Rounds
10 x 165lbs Front Squat
30 DUs
Time: 9:54

This was terrible, I WAY overpaced this from the start. I broke my first 4 sets 6/4 (R5 unbroken) and rested because I expected to crash, but my DUs ended up sucking and I did a lot of standing around. I should have pushed the squat pace from the start. I was barely breathing heavy at the end.... Next time I guess.
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