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Re: 2014 Open Training

July 23

I was supposed to workout, but there was some miscommunication and I had the day off.

July 24
Handstand Walk Practice - 7 Attempts

Nothing crazy but getting more consistent.

Power Snatch
Warmups... 166lbsx1 181x1 191x1 196x1 201x1 (Full) 186x2x2 191x1 (Plus 2 Dumb misses) 198x2

Felt good, really fast warmup and short breaks between sets. Haven't power snatched this much in awhile.

Front Squats 30X1 Tempo
Warmups... 266lbsx3 276x3x3

Felt good, very upright not overly hard.

7 Sets, on 30sec clock:
2 Power Snatches 136lbs
5 Burpees
Completed at 3:43

Slightly over on the last two sets, first 4 were easy. Then started dropping snatches because my shoulder didnt like the lowering too much. Gassed, but happy. Burpees were good, all done with my feet very close together which made for a big ROM.

Strict Pull-ups 5x5 super set with Ring Dips 5x3 (As Deep as possible w/o falling through bottom, slow descent)

First set I had 4/5 as C2B which is a PR, they all touched just above my nipples. First time touching below collarbone. Last four sets I had 0 touches, I got a bit of a pump from the dips and had trouble. Haha Dips were good, going really deep always wrecks me.
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