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Re: Drop-In Etiquette

Originally Posted by Ryan Hoegner View Post
Honestly, as an affiliate owner, that's a tough situation. We get quite a few drop-ins as we are close to Disneyland. Luckily for us, they always let us know in advance. I still like to talk to them for a couple minutes when they arrive, have them sign our waiver, etc. That would put me in a tough position if you showed up after class had started.

Every once in a while we get the visitor that has been "CF'ing for a year" and they are a total disaster. I end up working with them more than my own members (for free).

I`m not saying they did the right thing, but try looking at it from their point of view.

Feel free to stop by next time you are in SoCal (on time).
If my class is already in the warmup and going and someone shows up late, I'm not too keen on having to stop what I'm doing (leading class) to make sure the newcomer has signed a waiver and integrate them into the class.
It's not personal, it's just how the box is run.
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