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David Wood
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Hi Joe:

I'm *really* glad that you're trying to find a partner!

But this is the 3rd time you've posted this.

Each time, Lynn or I move it to the 'Community' section, which is where we keep this kind of post (CrossFitters looking to connect up with other CrossFitters for training).

You've actually had a couple of replies (but they're down there in the other section).

My guess is that you're not reading them, and that you're just looking here in "Starting", and not seeing your posts . . . so you keep trying.

I'm going to leave this one in "Starting" for a few days, in the hopes that you see it. If you do, you might try looking down in the "Community" section to see the answers to your earlier posts. (You'll have to use a filter choice that will show the last 7 days, or all, posts).

Again, welcome to CrossFit! (Your persistence is admirable . . .)

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