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It's the journey

When my dad passed away 6 years ago, I had to figure out what to do with some of the things he left me. He loved fitness, biked everywhere, and gave guys 30 years younger trouble on the volleyball court. He loved fitness, and I'd been itching to join the climbing gym down the street. And that's how it all started . . . I was never one for athletics before, majoring in theology and multi-media production, I was the pensive one. Skinny, pale, and pensive

After that journey it was time to get buff (not to be ), so I started working out with a personal trainer with a CSCS, which turned into metcon style workouts, which turned to boxing, which turned to MMA, which turned to traditional martial arts, with a lot of reading, talking, new friendships, and learning along the way.

Which now turns into a home gym and a busy life with graduate school, Shou Shu, a new wife, 15 new pounds, and CrossFit. It's been a great journey!

28 yrs old, 195 lbs., 5'10".

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