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Re: Final games thoughts

1. Throwing was good. (personally, Javalin would've been better, and the lines should've been as they do discus and shotput going out wider as you get farther).

2. Cycling good; stationary bikes bad. I feel the same amount rowing. Make them row in a pool.

3a. Pool would've probably been better than an open water swim. Sang bag workout in a pool anyone?
3b. Needs more sand bags in general. Liked the sleds.

Carry your canoe to the pool, row yourself across the pool X times, then swim across the pool X times, or something like that. There's so much stuff you can do that is ACTUALLY functional.

4. L-sits with bent legs = horrible; change handstand walk was OK... thought it could be improved by some sort of wheel barrow type thing though.

5. Like the last workout format. Did not like the exercises though & did not like it as the last event -- as stated not very spectator friendly.

6. Personally, I think at least one event should be "open ended" in the context of you have to do this amount of stuff.... but you can do it in any order that you want. Make the athletes think under pressure.
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