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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Jim Colby---Those cars are so-so respectful (they would never do that?)
Deb, yeh we have some guys that can put 200 DU's together (they are crazy fast!)--as for me I am trying not to trip myself with that D#$mn rope!!!
William, Thanks for the encouragement!

To quote one of you---I took a "active rest day" today!

Joined the 2011 Games Open team for our box yesterday (what was I thinking)???
First WOD posted was DU's and Overheads and I can't link "nada" together yet and my Shoulder is still a mess doing OVERHEAD lifts--oh well I am going to do as many as I can and get a good work-out JUST CAUSE that is what we do, right?

Up this morning sucked down a GU pouch, quick cup of coffee and strapped on the Garmin 305 and set out for my first 8mile run (prep for 1st 1/2 marathon in less than 3 weeks (plenty of hills) 40+degrees and light rain----perfect
(I had planned out a route that started off with 1mile flat (to settle in on a pace) and then "promptly forgot to start the clock" so started again with the next 1.5 uphill-------oh well, made it (left ankle started aching again on the hills, but I was able to push through and finished on target 10m/m average pace and a 7mi time of 1:10.04 +1mile at 8:49m/m.
(I am icing and stretching) and scheduled a Chiro tune up for Friday!--
(will attempt the WOD tomorrow at the Box)

Good success to all of you in the Open WOD's
Chaplain Tim M/60+/5-8.5/180 CFBD 9/2/09 " I Never complain about growing old, too many will never get to"
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