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Re: Jumprope of choice for DUs

Originally Posted by Chad Ryan View Post
I noticed Tamara had sung the praises of the PowerMax rope a couple months ago so I bought it and one of the Ultras to check them both out. The PowerMax was by far my favorite. I appreciate the weight of it and have had much greater success with it. (My success would probably equal failure to most but I can at least string 10 together now!)
We have several Ultra's at out gym and I recently went out and bought some 1/16" vinyl coated cable-same thickness as they come I think, but with the vinyl it makes it a little thicker and heavier. I had to drill the holes in the handles to get the cable to fit, but it works great.

Many of our members prefer the thicker cable and I think it helps them with DU's because they can: 1. Feel the speed of the rope better and 2. Get more DU's because it spins slower and takes a little more effort. I like to go back and forth between the two just to practice rope speed control and I think it's helped my DU's significantly.

So now for an extra $8 (price of the cable) I essentially have 2 different jumpropes...
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