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Re: Looking for some advice: Pure willpower at this point??

I agree, you should eat more calories. I'm 5'4", 130 lbs, and at about the same activity level as you and I eat over 2000 calories/day and more carbs (healthy ones). I aim for 100 grams of protein as well but often fall short.

I often fall asleep hungry and wake up hungry and wonder if I can eat more and not gain weight. I think the most important thing is keeping your metabolism revved up by eating a large breakfast with plenty of protein and I also drink 2-3 cups of green tea/day which I feel reduces hunger and has been shown to help burn fat. If you don't eat enough your body goes into conservation mode and actually tries not to burn fat.

Keep in mind that although you have lost a considerable amount of weight, the muscle mass you have gained will allow you to burn off more calories. I would suggest eating 200-400 more calories per day for a month or two and see what happens. I would suggest ignoring the scale and get a tape measure at this point. Measure your hips and waist to gauge your progress.
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