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Re: Gastric Band Surgery

I'm usually quite out of the loop on TV, but on a REALLY slow day recently, "The Biggest Loser: Couples" was on TV. There was a father/son duo on there, and the Dad had already had this gastric surgery. On the show, the dude said, "My stomach is the size of an egg" - and he weighed over 450lbs if I recall.

My thoughts on this type of non-cure cure for the obese: Your eating disorder (overeating) cannot be cured with any surgery or any diet or any exercise regimen. Overfat people need to change inside their brains first. It's the same thing for the "sexy" eating disorders like anorexia or bulemia - there's no surgery for that (although doctors have made a ton prescribing powerful mood-lifting drugs, I'm sure). You just have to get your head out of your rear end, deal with your addiction/disease/self-centeredness/self-loathing/daddy/mommy/kid/cat/dog/self-esteem issues, eat a sandwich, and have a good time.

BTW: I had 28lbs of excess fat on me prior to CrossFit, so I've walked this road for my part. I'm very thankful for my solid athletic background and that CrossFit happened at the right time for me. I consider myself of the Pat Sherwood-type (if I may be so bold). To paraphrase him: "Chuck Carswell is somewhere gaining five pounds of lean body mass right now while Adrian Bozeman is losing five pounds due to his metabolism. I'm in between those two, just sitting here trying not to slip into obesity."

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