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Re: Gastric Band Surgery

Originally Posted by Marcus Thompson View Post
There seems to be an epidemic starting where I work. At lest three overweight women in my group and/or spouses of people I work with has had or is getting this gastric band surgery.

I just don't get it. Everyone is looking for some magic pill or surgery to fix their weight problem. Has the phrase eat a proper diet and get plenty of exercise been stricken from a doctors vocabulary? Why don’t they just say:

“You know Mrs. Smith, people who smoke methamphetamine are real skinny. You should try some of that!”


“Mrs. Smith. I’m writing you a prescription for crack cocaine. When you go out of the building turn left into the alley and a guy named Rocco will fill this for you. You’ll see that weight melt off in no time!”

I think it boils down to the fact that doctors and pharmaceutical companies can’t make money off of you when you’re healthy and fit. A gastric ring in your stomach at $26,000.00 a pop seems much more appealing to doctors than having their patients eat right and exercise.

They are promoting a risky and unhealthy alternative because it’s in their best financial interest.
I'm not going to seriously disagree with you, but, how much high intensity exercise are these obese ladies going to do? Generally, docs go for this after "dieting and exercise" have failed miserably. The health consequences of being obese are pretty high too, maybe higher than the risks of the surgery.

OTOH, these surgeries don't always keep the weight off and sure do nothing to address to the psychological conditions that ofter (always IME) accompany that level of obesity. Exercise at least addresses that in a sideways fashion.

Meth works. dexatrim used to be a meth derivative. I honestly never found anything more useful than ACE. and gained 30 lbs after the FDA banned ma huang.
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