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to start i'd just liek to say that i know where a lot of you stand on protein don't really like/endorse them. but as a student who also works, takes an EMT class, and volunteers for the local ambulance squad (and does the WOD) it's the only way i can guarantee that i get enough protein everyday.

with that said, what brands do you recommend? i have been using myoplex for a while, but recently switched because each myoplex shake is prepackaged and contains about 6 protein blocks (zone), and according to dr. sears, that much protein in one sitting can trigger an overproduction of insulin. i recently started using metrx powder because it's loose (not in individual packs, so i can use what i need.

any thoughts/opinions/recommendations would be encouraged!

also, i have another question. i am still get hungry shortly after eating smaller meals more often throught the day. could the myoplex shakes be the culprit since the large amount of protein is triggering the excess insulin? i usualy have 2 shakes a day, and get the rest of the protein from beef, chicken, and occasionally fish and eggs.

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