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Re: Comprehensive bodyweight workout list for download

I have an updated version for all of you:

Version 1.5 has:
  • 11 workouts on the last 2 pages that you will not want to attempt
  • Classification of workouts into several categories: metcon, muscular endurance, strength, speed, skill, endurance, and core. Some WODs had several classifications. Of course these categories are completely arbitrary and determined by myself but they are useful if you want to quickly search for a specific type of workout.
  • Table format, easier to read
  • Added WODs from various sources
  • Consistency in language, standards, and syntax
I haven't counted them, but I estimate that there are over 400 workouts.

Just a reminder to follow smart programming. Bodyweight workouts are great, especially when you are in an equipment quandary, but strength workouts are equally essential to fitness, and I encourage you to get your hands on weight whenever possible.

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Moderators note: due to a combination of my stupidity, and possible software weirdness, I inadvertently deleted Shane's excellent document from this post, and the software won't let me reinstall it.

You can find it in post #33, below. Sorry about that.

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