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Re: Soda vs. Beer/alcohol

Originally Posted by Steve Crosen View Post
but this year its gunna be raw milk and beer !
Not together, I hope.

I'll be heading off to family vacation at the beach in a couple weeks. I don't have trouble avoiding soda, personally, since I don't like it, but there will be plenty of alcohol and I'll indulge in moderation - hey, it IS vacation. But I try to keep in mind the hierarchy of booze, as handed down by our trainer:

Best to Worst:

1. Red Wine
2. White Wine
3. Spirits & Non-Sugary Cocktails ( Whiskey, Rum, Manhattan, Martini)
4. Dark Beer
5. Liquor (Grand Marnier, etc.)
6. Beer
7. Sugary Cocktails (Margarita, etc.)
8. "Calorie Bombs" (White Russian, Mudslide, etc.)
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