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Re: Dammit Dammit Dammit!

SS Week Two, Day Two.

Bodyweight: 180lbs, up 6.5 lbs from June 2nd. 17 blocks and a gallon of milk a day. Shorting the carbs a bit--too lazy to eat such big salads--and subbing in fat blocks. No visible gain in bodyfat yet but I am definitely looking (and feeling) thicker, bulkier. I'm also seeing a drop in my CF capacities. Just demonstrating kipping pull-ups for our of athletes made my lats ache. Oy. Anyway...

Squat work sets: 205x5x5x5
Bench work sets: 190x5x5x5
Deadlift work set: 285x5

Everything went according to plan. Went super deep, concentrating on the drive! drive! drive! and making the plates rattle. The bench pressing felt heavy, but then my bench has always sucked. Most important was pushing through the little tweak I felt last time and making my target weight on the deadlift. Will go up in 10lbs increments the next two DL days, and once I hit 305 I'll switch to 5lbs.

Finished up with hollow rocks and joint mobility stuff. Tomorrow: more hand balancing.
Sean Manseau
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