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Dammit Dammit Dammit!

Hey kids--

I'm on the comeback trail, and I thought that maybe starting a log here might help keep me honest.

A little bit of background: I discovered CrossFit back in November 2005, and starting doing the WODs seriously the following month. That year I'd been doing nothing but bodyweight stuff--mostly based on Matt Furey's "Combat Conditioning"--so I was pretty ready to take on workouts like "Cindy" or "Barbara," although it took me awhile to get a handle on some of the more weightlifting-oriented WODs. (The first time I ever saw "Linda" I thought, "There is just no. Frickin'. Way.") Luckily, I had at least a passing familiarity with the Olympic lifts, having had the opportunity to train for a bit at Jim Schmitz's Sports Palace in San Francisco.

In March 2007 I had my best total: a 260lbs squat, a 385lbs deadlift, and 145lbs press (I'm 38 years old, 5'10" and 173lbs at about 10% bf, BTW). Unfortunately, those remain my best numbers. Despite a great deal of study and effort, I simply haven't been able to crack 800lbs.

Last October I strained my back while lifting. It seemed to heal up pretty well, but early this past March I hurt it again--and this time, it was really my own stupid fault. I felt twinges on two separate occasions and ignored them; when my back went, it really went. Unfortunately, I had just opened Pioneer Valley CrossFit, where I'm the head trainer, and I had three hours of class to teach that night. The next morning I could barely walk without assistance.

Experience does have its rewards, though, and this time I was much better prepared to plan out my rehabilitation. At this point I'm almost--not quite, but almost--where I was last February. I'm relatively okay with my level of conditioning: I do "Murph" in a vest in 42min and change, and I can do 24 rounds of "Cindy", but I absolutely MUST get my weightlifting numbers up.

Which is where this log comes in. Owning and operating an affiliate, I feel like I'm in a peculiar position. On the one hand, I'd love to simply to start drinking a gallon of milk a day and do "Starting Strength" and nothing but. But there's a subtle but undeniable pressure to "lead from the front" and continue to follow the WOD (we follow HQ to the best of our ability). I just feel guilty when something totally horrible is prescribed for our athletes if I don't do it.

So I've been trying to follow BOTH Starting Strength and the WOD, with predictably middling results.

In writing this, I guess I've come to a decision: I'm gonna take another crack at Coach Rutherford's ME Black Box approach. Previously I've felt like two days a week under the barbell wasn't going to be enough--after all, if you want to improve your squat, you should squat, a lot. But it's awful hard to do that and maintain the metcon edge. Especially at my (sigh) advanced age.

Okay, okay, enough. This is a workout log, right? Tonight, taking a page from CrossFit SF's "find your goat" concept, I took on "Mary" as follows:

AMRAP 20 min of

10 pistols to 14" plate stack (alternating legs)
15 pull-ups

Total: 7 rounds.

I used to be pretty good at pistols, but since I strained my back I've lost some flexibility. Tonight I suuuccckkkeddd. But by the end I felt my back loosening up.

Oh boy, look! It's a Total tomorrow. It's gonna be embarrassing, but I've gotta set some benchmarks.

Okay, over and out.
Sean Manseau

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