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Re: Dave Castro's CF Games Article

I guess what I'm saying is that CF can make you a monster and is the best program out there, but the people who are the best at the "the best program out there" are all high level athletes who have 15 or more years of training experience under their belt.

Who is most likely to excel at the CF Games? People who are avid, dedicated CrossFitters who also happen to have superior genetics. Past training plays some role too, but certainly isn't the only, or even the primary reason that these athletes are elite.
I want to echo this and be perfectly clear about the cause-effect I see in effect here. In an effort to be clear my statements may sound dismissive, but bear with me.

Fifteen years of high level training experience didn't create their physical crossfit potential, but rather their crossfit potential led them to 15 years of high level training.

That make sense? People tend to do what they are good at, so if they are naturally gifted athletes (who have tons of crossfit potential) they do athletics. So put one more way: The GENES that allowed the games winners to be successful high level athletes for 15 years allowed them to become crossfit monsters.

Don't get me wrong, skill sets and coordination gained from past training will absolutely put you ahead in crossfit (maybe a few years ahead for olympic lifts) but I'm talking about physical aspects. And just in case I'm coming across wrong let me also give the disclaimer about the mental aspects involved: I'm not trying to dismiss AT ALL the unworldly determination, tenacity, willingness to sacrifice, etc, that are required to become truly elite, nor am I questioning the fact that these people ABSOLUTELY earned in sweat what they got.
CrossFit won't make elite athletes out of average Joes/Josephines. Don't discount the genetics of these athletes. CrossFit will, however, allow many average people to achieve their best all-around fitness, and probably more fit than 90+% of their peers.
You're absolutely right here, that when compared to an absolute standard 99% of people cannot reach an elite, competitive, level. But I want to put out the argument that crossfit is not REALLY about that absolute standard, but rather about achieving a level that for YOUR potential is elite. About making you realize that even WITHOUT crazy athlete genetics you CAN be strong, CAN be fast: Faster and stronger than you ever thought you could be.

I love watching the monsters going at it, but I'm personally much more inspired by the 60+ year old grandma doing 82 lb cleans. Give me a shout out if you feel the same way!
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