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Re: Dave Castro's CF Games Article

Mabye I missed the boat on this one, but I can't find nor have I heard about this article. I'd love to read it. Could you please post if possible?

My take on the dicussion is that strength and skill play a significant role in the equation. It takes years to build the necessary raw strength as well as the technical skill and flexibility to perform heavy, high rep cleans, thrusters, kb swings, etc. Having this strength also makes it that much easier for your cardio respiratory system to take the pounding of a WOD.

In contrast, endurance takes markedly less time to build up (somewhere around 4 months to go from 0 to decent). The first step in preparing to challenge for the CF games from scratch would be to train strength for 4 or 5 years (or 15 or 20 in OPT and Eva's case) then start building up endurance 5 months before the games. Then you could kill a 5K and Elizabth. Basically, I'll see you guys there in 2012.
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