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Re: Heart skipping a beat?

Somewhat of an update.... and a question for you all.

The update is; my blood work was normal, but they still want to check lipids and thyroid (I don't know why that was not in the first round of tests, but whatevever). I don't have too much to worry about as long as it's not re-occuring anymore. I've been pretty symptom free for about 3-4 days now.

Another issue the cardiologist had with my 24 hour Holter monitor test was two periods when my heart rate was in the mid 30's. He didn't like that too much. The first time was before I went to bed, at a time I remember I was chillin' on the couch with the family. The second time was after 10 PM and I know I was in bed well before that.

So my question is about CFers and resting heart rates? Do you guys and gals have low resting HRs? My Dad is an avid runner and has run dozens of marathons and some 40 milers, etc. He continues at 73 to run very regularly and is considering another marathon. But, his heartrate is in the 30's at night regularly. He was overnight in the hospital once and they were very concerned but when it got to about 36 and didn't go lower, they chalked it up to a strong heart and lungs not having to work as hard to get O2 to the body...

Any thoughts?
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