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Re: Buddy Lee rope broke anyone else

Originally Posted by William Henniger View Post
I have only used the high end rope that Duvide makes and with the quality of that rope I placed an order.

Just like the rings, I will let you guys/gals decide if they are up to par. I have the following names as the first 3 people that posted on this thread:

Dave Henry

Scott Hanson

Chris Drewry

It may take a few weeks(first run) to get the ropes but once they hit I will send the 3 guys named above a free set of the dS ropes. This has proven the best way to test equipment.

Dave, Scott and Chris send me your shipping address and I will send you the first 3 sets. They may take a few weeks to ship due to the manufacturing location but as soon as I get them you will have them en route to your house and/or gym. I am going to outfit my gym with them and let my athletes beat the **** out of them, I will post our review as well.

I can't wait to put them to the test! For those of you that use jump ropes on a regular basis, post the gauntlet that we should use!

Bill Henniger:
I just saw this...

that rocks.

Esp considering I have 4 ropes I have purchased and still don.t like enough to buy in bulk.
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