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Complete Google Maps of All Affiliates

Hi everyone,

So I really wanted to see where all the CrossFit gyms (affiliates) were compared to me, so I took some time and made a map of them all using Google Maps. I made two actually, one inside the USA and one outside the USA.

About all the websites I looked at over the last few days...

What is your gyms address?
What is your gyms phone number?
What is your gyms email?

I was shocked how hard it was to find the address and contact info to a majority of your gyms. In some cases, I could only mark what city the main CrossFit site said you were in, and I had no idea if that was accurate. There are a handful of affiliates (10 or so) that I did not list because I could not find ANY information about your location or your websites were dead. I will be happy to update anyone's information, just click the links and on the left of the map are instructions.


In the USA

Outside the USA

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