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Escrima is a perfect example of this discussion.
Here is Stockton, Ca we used to be known as Lil Manila. A few years ago the last of our local Grand Masters died.
For many years Angel Cabalas, Gilbert Tenio and Leo Giron taught the real combat moves from the past. All of therse men had survived the war and had no hesitation "big advantage" when called upon. I doubt that they every fought in tourneyments "saw some demos" and didn't feel the need to. They each had their own styles.Spending a few hours w/GM Tenio one evening was a treat. I found out that he was also a 6th Dan Kempo and 4th Dan Jujutsu. He also trained under 17 different masters back in the Islands.
In his dojo was "All challenges are greatufully accepted"sign. Any questons could be regarded as a challenge if posed incorrectly.
It seemed natural to add anything useful while disregarding the unneeded.
Remember this is where Danny Insanto came from.
He does a yearly seminar and this year I'd like to make it. JMHO

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