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Krav Maga principles:
Identify the Threat
Remove the Threat
Counter attack

The KM technique is what is used to remove the threat. Once the threat (gun, choking, grabbing, knife whatever) is removed, "it's just a fight." You get away or you detain the bad guy for LE.

No need for gun or knife defense in the ring. Good take down defenses and choke resistance is useful in the ring and the street.

I only know of a couple of chokes that are used in the octagon: rear naked, guillotine. I'm guessing choking someone with your hands is out because I've never seen it done, so the two handed pluck and the one handed pluck or out as defenses.

Counter attacks in KM classes come from some of the same sources as MMA fight training: Muay Thai, BJJ, Judo, whatever works to incapacitate your opponent, just as stated above, there are boundaries in the ring that just don't apply in the street when you are defending yourself or your family.

I would agree though that KM training reinforces an attitude and posture that would serve well in the ring: Be aggressive. Be explosive. Don't back up. Don't quit.

I'm sure ALL of this is said above. :-) I just like this topic.
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