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Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?

How about the fact there are 12,000+ affiliates? When I found the CrossFit in early 2010 there were 2 small affiliate about 15 miles away, combined they might have had 150 members.

Today there are 7 large gyms in that area plus lots of small/garage gyms. People get information from coaches in those affiliates not the board. Gyms like Outlaw, Invictus, Nor Cal and CFNE are driving the research these days and posting it on their own websites. Often for sale.

Simply put CrossFit grew up. I think what we miss was that great adolescence period. It was exciting, innovative, sometimes stupid (ever done "Manion"). Many of us had finally found what we had been looking for in a fitness program.

It will never go back to what it was. The genie is out of the bottle. While we may miss it, millions of people are better off because of this growing up.
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