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Re: Gain Or Lose?

Originally Posted by Craig Bravman View Post
Been following this board for along time. Today at my gym, I go to a globo, I did the underwater body fat test. I weighted in a 152.7 with a bodyfat of 12.9%. I am stuck in deciding if I should try and gain weight, or try to stay at 152 and try and lose some bf while gain muscle. I am 5'8 and use to be overweight, around 240 in high school. Ideas or suggestions please
I'll try to get in here before you get a handful of members sarcastically asking "How can we answer if we won't know your goals?"

So I'll nicely ask.....what are your goals?

At 5'8" and 152 I'd personally say add some weight. But if you'd rather be shredded, than go that route. I think if you were 5'8" and 170 lbs. your lifts would go up. It all depends on you, man.
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