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The following homemade ring photos are the jury-rig I came up with shortly after I discovered, and got curious about where my ringmanship stood.

I used 1-inch diameter schedule 20 PVC elbows with 3/4-inch thick soft nylon weaved rope threaded through the PVC. Knot the rope at each opening of the elbow, and knot the rope ends together to finish the ring. Looped a 12-foot lashing strap through the ring and around a high-bar, and voila,
start working on your muscleup.

I'm 6-feet tall, weight in the last year at 215 to 208 pounds (96 kilos). I've been using this setup since last July and the most groaning or fear of collapse is from the roof trusses, that is if you discount my whining.

Suffer it to say I feel secure using this setup for now, until I can configure something with no head interference for ringwork beyond muscleups and L-sits.

Oh, the total outlay for this ring substitute was between $15 and $20 US. I too hope to get power rings someday, But I just finally got some Oly bumpers, and the budget will have to wait. See the
photos that follow, I hope this helps.
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