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Re: {TKA} Total Knee Arthroplasty

Keep up the good work Pete, sounds to me like you're doing it the right way. I have to agree with keeping the weights of dead lifts and squats down a bit, especially the first year.

John, it appears that your recovery is going well also. It is always interesting to see how other TKR cross fitters are doing. I don't think there many of us.

I don't post very much because I'm no expert on any of this, but my opinion based on my experience is to go slow and work on the best range of motion you can get on crossfit movements and don't worry about the weight so much. Sometimes that is hard to do.

I'm 18 months or so post TKR. Since last May I was having significant pain and swelling in my new knee. Fourteen days ago my doctor went back in to fix the problem. It had nothing to do with the hardware. That's rock solid. The problem was scar tissue and other soft tissue problems. So now, no matter how much my bone headed competitive urges kick in, I'm scaling back more.
It is not entirely clear what caused my problem, but I may very well have been doing too much too soon.
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