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Re: Metcons and maintaining lean mass

Originally Posted by Dare Vodusek View Post
When I cutted it was a pain in the ***. Unable to sleep due hunger, feeling fatique all the sux big time.

So next time I do it I want it to be done asap, so I will go with Lyle's ultimate diet 2.0, it suppose to make you loose a pound of fat weekly and keep muscles. I think I can handle a week on it, or two
Man it shouldn't be so hard. I mean i was 186 lb and now 164, i have never felt hungry even once in this 3.5 months period. I just take 1900 calories EVERYDAY! which is 600-650 calories under my daily maintenance. I take 140 grams of proteins (equals 560 calories) and i just fill the rest with whatever i wanna eat. I never enjoy any meal without rice, so i eat a lot of rice, also trying not to eat simple carbs, that's all. Just find your maintenance and aim for a 500-1000 calories decifit a day depending on how fast you wanna lose and how much muscle lose you wanna lose.

Diet has never been a pain in the *** for me but training always is. I mean you get smaller, you get faster but also weaker. Your lifts decreases gradually, you can't do anything. You never enjoy it when you are lifting to protect as much as you do when you are lifting to gain.
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