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First off Nicolas, it's good to hear that you're curious about CrossFit. It's a safe bet that nobody here on the forums is going to tell you CrossFit is worse than a bodybuilding routine; we do CrossFit because we think it is the best way for us to be fit. If we thought bodybuilding was better, we'd all be reading "Flex" and choking down protein shakes.
Bias aside, I will tell you that if you want to be really bulky and have huge muscles, CrossFit is no better or worse than bodybuilding. If you want to be fit, healthy, and capable for a long time, in my opinion CrossFit is the way to go. You will almost certainly gain strength by switching to CrossFit; with regards to mass, your gains should come at the same rate assuming proper diet and recovery. There is no doubt that I look more "ripped" almost three months into CrossFit than before I started. I am also stronger, leaner, and fitter than before.
I actually laughed when I read the first sentence of your post -I mean no offense, but it was funny to me when you said you would "stop working out" so that you could "switch for CrossFit." You probably didn't mean it that way, but it's funny because CrossFit is far more physically challenging, and much more of a workout than bodybuilding could ever be. The workouts may sometimes sound easy, but they are strong medicine. Try the WOD posted on the main page of this site every day and you'll see what I mean. I hope you give CrossFit a try. The only risk is being humbled by a 110 pound girl who can do more pullups than you.
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