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Tim Donahey
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Voodoo Floss Nerve Impairment?

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

First off, I am a major advocate of Voodoo Flossing, and it has greatly enhanced the mobility in my elbow. That stated, after my third or fourth use I experienced a minor loss of sensation in my forearm, and recent lacrosse ball SMR of that area creates a tingling in my hand. This has lasted the past few weeks. Nothing major, and much preferable to the pain and stiffness I had prior, but notable just the same.

In the last week I do seem to be regaining full sensation in my forearm and the tingling is likewise receding. So whatever I did seems to be reversing itself.

Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or if I am perhaps using the Floss incorrectly somehow.

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