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Re: Need help with protein math

Originally Posted by Bryce Horrell View Post
Is this information accurate? And by that I mean is the math correct.

Is my conversion of g/kg to g/lb correct?

For the bottom intake of 1.5 g/kg here is what I did...

I took 0.45 x 1.5 = 0.67

Normal protein intake for an adult should be 0.8g/kg of body weight(0.36g/pound)

A safe protein intake for an adult athlete is 1.5-2.0g/kg of body weight(0.67-0.9g/pound)

I did this conversion a long time ago and I cant understand my reasoning. I think I remember just playing around with it until I could match a proper conversion I saw somewhere else. I know that it works but why? Can somebody shed some light on this for me?

Use a conversion factor of (.45kg bw / 1 pound bw).

.8g protein / 1 kg bw (.45kg bw / 1 pound bw) = .36g protein / 1 pound bw
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