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John Rowland
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Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself to the boards seein as I have been trollin for awhile now. Have always been in pretty good shape, well let me rephrase always been pretty strong and had some good speed endurance but certain things were lacking as I have come to find out. Have known about this site for awhile now and have done a few of the girls and liked em just never really was able to implement em into my workouts. Well I've been slowly implementin em into my workouts more and more here the last couple of weeks and I must say I am pretty sore and thats unusual for me especially since hte workouts or so much shorter than my usualy hour and a half in the gym doin the traditional stuff, which is very boring btw. Now with that I wanted to get some tips and advice from you guys. While I want to get the whole package as far as agility, strength, etc etc goes there is the asthetic part which lets not kid ourselves everyone wants to look good. I am currently at like 10% BF at 5'10 175ish lbs and wanna lose some of that fat and gain some pounds 10 at max. Now with just the WoDs can I do that or do I gotta implement the black boxes and OLADs, which I have done searches on and cant really find anything maybe I just aint lookin in the right place. Would love some pointers and advice fromyou guys seien as you guys are the subject matter experts. Well I am rambling and dont need to just wanted to introduce myself and commend you guys here on your motivation and support of others its hard to find sometimes. Keep on keepin on
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