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Crossfitting At Home??

Hello All,

I'm very new to crossfit, started at home in December. I'm a runner and I've also been doing weight training for several years. I injured my ankle during a half marathon and I started crossfit to stay in shape while I was recouping. Turns out that I love it and while I'll still likely run short distances, I'm done with marathons and half marathons for sure!! I've seen more positive changes in my body doing crossfit in two short months than ever. I didn't realize how terribly out of shape I was until I started crossfit. It's quite different than running a steady pace for several miles.

That said, my husband got me started with crossfit. We have been carefully reviewing the demos, learning the moves and techniques and he has been watching me for good form etc. I can barely do a lot of the WODs and have to modify some of them, but I'm improving in time, weight and strength progressively. I've seen amazing progress over the last two months. I've thought about joining a crossfit gym to learn from a trainer, but time is a huge issue. Three kiddos, karate, soccer, bible study. We have a very full schedule which is why working out at home (We have an awesome home gym!!) is optimal for me.

So, I was was wondering if there are others who are working out from home and if they could offer advice/input/thoughts? I really wanted to go to the crossfit cert 1 class they are having in San Antonio, but we are out of town that weekend. I was really bummed!!

Also, I'm Zoning and almost completely Paleo, slowly working my way towards getting rid of all the grains and dairy (all out will definitely not work for me!!) I've lost only 3 pounds. I was extremely disappointed until I did my measurements. I lost an inch in my thighs and chest, but gained in my arms. So for other newbies, don't be discouraged by the scale, take your measurements!!

My goals are to continue to gain strength and to work on gaining speed and endurance during the WODs (I am very slow!!) and of course just be overall physically fit. I just started tracking time because I was pretty embarressed in the beginning that I could barely do a lot of the WODs.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to provide some input.

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