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Re: T-Nation, Shugart and the Truth About CrossFit

Show me any correlation in any sporting event that has finish ranks identical to VO2max ranks. That's my point. You can have a huge VO2max and finish poorly in all competitions.

The CrossFit WODs are excellent predictors of real world capacity. I guarantee that anyone with a sub-3 Fran, sub-4 Diane, sub-8 Helen, +400 Fight Gone Bad, sub-12 Nancy will be quite competent in almost any real world activity. These examples of tightrope walking and sword fighting are not in my world. I don't know of a single person who has needed to walk a tightrope or fight with a sword involuntarily or in the course of their daily life.

Any single test of fitness is just one single test. It is necessarily at a single time domain and with a limited number of modes. It is only in a wide variety of modes and time domains that we get an approximation of a genuine fitness capacity. And this, as I said earlier, cannot be done in a single assessment.

Metrics like VO2, VJ, Anerobic power are irrelevant because they are correlates only. Can you have someone with a huge VO2max as measured on a bike who can't complete Diane as Rx'd? Of course. Do you have someone who can complete Diane as Rx'd who can't ride 100miles on a bike? I doubt it. Are they going to beat the cyclist at a bike race? Probably not (but maybe!). Of course, most athletes with huge capacity are going to have great VO2 etc. But VO2 is not the goal, fitness, or capacity, is.