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Re: T-Nation, Shugart and the Truth About CrossFit

Nick Cummings,

“Research and thought”? You are exceedingly generous.

Our very public and constant claim is that fitness is best defined as work capacity across broad time and modal domains; that meaningful assertions about a program need to address safety, efficacy, and efficiency with measurable, observable, repeatable data; that constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement delivered in a competitive sporting environment has produced unprecedented work capacity across broad time and modal domains (fitness); that by incorporating a lifestyle, including diet, rest, and workout elements that cause common health and fitness metrics to move simultaneously from pathological, past “normal”, to “fit” values we introduce a third axis, age, that turns our two dimensional work capacity area under the curve to a three dimensional solid whose volume defines both health and fitness (making health a logical facet of fitness); that all of this needs to be delivered publicly where methods, results, and criticisms, are transparent and, finally, that iterations of this effort have fed an open source community where experimentation will demonstrate best practices and ultimately advance the art and science of human performance .

This is what a well thought out and researched article would have addressed. I would have loved to discuss or debate any or all of this. What I got from Chris Shugart instead was a handful of questions designed to fuel traffic-generating gossip and hatred. I declined and called instead to give him some source material for what was the journalistic thrust of his article: my personality.

Christoper Day, Phillip Garrsonq, Joe Cavazos,

CrossFit is the world leader in rhabdo prevention and awareness. It’s very likely that the overwhelming majority of people who know about rhabdo today were introduced to the subject by our committed efforts. That you’re embarrassed by Uncle Rhabdo while the community of nephrologists continues to buy T-shirts bearing his image says more about you than us.

I’m guessing that you think “Kami”, the HIV positive Sesame Street character, makes fun of AIDS and that Smokey the Bear is an inducement to torturing animals.

Admit it, gentlemen, without Uncle Rhabdo, you’d have never heard of Rhabdomyolysis.

Christopher Day,

My claims about hypertrophy are based on several decades of working in Gold’s Gyms throughout California, including the “Mecca of Bodybuilding" and comparing physiques of natural, “natural”, and steroidal bodybuilders to gymnasts and CrossFitters. That I’d have gotten spectacularly angry responses to what is quite simply my observation suggests to me that I’m correct.

Phillip Garrsonq,

Your claim that I’ve been venomous to people who object to my methods is entirely and perfectly untrue. I pay people to offer criticism and object to my methods. I’m venomous towards unethical behavior. Get the difference?

Your claim that outside of CF our cert doesn’t hold any creed flies in the face with the fact that our largest customer for cert’s is the US Military paying on public funds. We’ll do five more Mil/LEO certs before the year is out.

On the subject of CrossFit, Sir, you’re quite in the dark. Read more and post less, please.

Brandon Oto,

We’ve hired an actuarial firm with working access to insurance claim form data assessing the rhabdo risk. There’s enough written in peer reviewed literature, available on the Net, to make an irrefutable case for the claim that we don’t have but a small fraction of the rhabdo incidence rate of many popular sports and conventional mil/LEO PT. I take the subject quite seriously and we know quite a bit about the distribution of risk.


Getting our competitors in the marketplace (Polliquin, Cosgrove, Boyle, Cook, …) to speak poorly of our efforts is like getting Montgomery Wards, Woolworths, and Mervyn's to speak poorly of WalMart – meaningless and obvious in motivation.

What about work capacity across broad time and modal domains? What do they have to say about that? Answwer: Nothing. What do they have to say about safety, efficacy, and efficiency buttressed by measurable, observable, repeatable data? Answer: Nothing. What is their response for our call to “evidence based fitness?” Answer: Nothing. What about our two and three-dimensional models of fitness and health? Answer: Nothing.

I know why.

Finally, I want to thank everyone here, moderators included, for your gracious support and contribution to what is the finest fitness community on earth.

Chris Shugart,

I want to repeat my offer for you to come to a seminar as my guest. Let me know when you’re coming and I’ll make sure I’m presenting. Afterward, we’ll go out and have some beers so you can get some more background for my biography. Your writing will really take-off with some research. You may even find that information changes your mind. It does mine. (Smile)

Chad Waterbury,

Welcome to CrossFit. Thank you for the kind words.

Tim Patterson (Owner of T-Nation),

You've inspired me to fund a scientific test of your supplements! Which one would you like us to check out first? This could be big for you. Can you see it..."The Truth About T-Nation". (Really big smile)