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The gymnastics coach that you are referring to is Coach Christopher Sommer and his article Building an Olympic Body through Bodyweight Conditioning. Also, many of us are looking forward to the publication of his forthcoming series of books (when?). He is an instructive contributor to the CrossFit community. His posts here have been helpful and inspiring such as A Gymnastics Based WOD.

I would recommend checking out Coach Roger Harrell's website Drills and Skills and his article Adult Gymnastics: Why We Should All Do It. Roger has also been a great been asset to CrossFit with his many helpful suggestions regarding gymnastics. Most recently, he's provided this link to an excellent collection of gymnastics video clips demonstrating some impressive skills @ Stanford Men's Gymnastics Multimedia Website. Be sure to listen to Roger's interview (Show #5, July 11, 2005) on CrossFit Live!

Brad Johnson is a former collegiate gymnast who has written several great articles that are well worth reading including:
Gymnastics Tension Exercises
Abdominal Exercises for Total Body Mastery
Progressions to the Standing Evil Wheel
Low Rings
The Front Lever: A Hard Core Exercise
The Rafter Pull-Up
Tired of the Same Old Pull-Ups
A Conversation between Chinning Greats
Rope Climbing Technique
Developing Grip Strength with Bodyweight Exercises
He has also written a book available from Ironmind Bodyweight Exercises for Extraordinary Strength

In addition, be sure to check out the online magazines by Tyler Hass including Power Athletes Magazine and the former Girevik which can be found in the Power Athlete Magazine website archives. You'll find some helpful articles including:
Interview with Jay Thornton
The Muscle-up
JumpStretch Bands
Mastering the One-Legged Squat by Steve Cotter
Tyler also provided this link to a 1938 Men's Gymnastics video

If that's not enough, some further suggestions can be found by searching in the CrossFit Message Board including:
CrossFit Gymnastics from the W.O.D.
Some good instructional materials on gymnastics
Some more articles
Tips for open gym
HSPU on rings
Handstand presses
Why Pull-ups? by Ed Thompson
John Gill : A Climbing Memoir particularly Climbing and Gymnastics . . . A Historical Association

Here are some additional instructional materials:
Beast Skills(blog) or Beast Skills(website)
American Gymnast Training Tips
I would recommend subscribing to their FREE E-Zine for bonus material such as The Pirouette and The Maltese with David Durante
USA Gymnastics: Technique
USA Gymnastics - Men's Program Instructional Materials
History of Rings
How to Improve Technique by Using Bungee Rope Device on Rings
Canadian Gymnastics Coach Rick McCharles' recommended resources
How to Create Champions: The Theory and Methodology of Training Top-Class Gymnasts by L.I Arkaev and N.G Suchlin

And lastly, here a few links to some excellent instructional videos:
RING STRENGTH DVD featuring Jordan Jovtchev
Mastering Men's Gymnastics: Beginning Skills and Progressions DVD
Mastering Men's Gymnastics: Intermediate Skills and Progressions DVD
Mastering Men's Gymnastics: Advanced Skills and Progressions DVD

Hope this helps,


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