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Ryan -
Here's what I got from Randy at the clinic - remember I was talking more from a wrestler's standpoint than a fighter's so I think he geared his reponses in that direction:
He does little to no road work (running long distances).
Plyometric workouts and olympic lift workouts are the mainstay of his routine - usually 2 of each per week - on the days he doesn't do one of those is his "hard" event day (grappling, live combat wrestling, etc). Typically, 2-3 days of rest each week. He's a huge fan of jumping rope (as he'll confess, when he wrestled in the army he had cement feet from wrestling so much Greco and had to adjust when he went to collegiate style.) He does "explosion push ups" - starting in down position with a partner or box to your right, pushing up and over the object and coming down on the other side - repeating back and forth. Lots of box hops. He was a big pull up advocate.
He keeps most of S&C workouts to under 30 minutes (hmmmmmm, does this sound slightly like the WOD??) Suprisingly, he also spends about 20 minutes a day doing active visualization and meditation.
While not the best source for info on his workouts, Team Quest does have a website that provides some info on Randy and his team. He is an outstanding clinician and if you can find a wrestling clinic that he's working, I think you'll be pleasantly suprised.
I know some other coaches taped the clinic and if I can get a copy for myself, I would be glad to try to copy one for you as well (although most of it would be wrestling technique). Post if you're interested and I'll check back here in a if I can do it.
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