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Garen Steele 07-16-2016 08:59 PM

Programming for competition
Been doing Crossfit for about 3 years now. Last 2 years have been following the free WODs posting on Crossfit Mayhem. I turned 40 last year and have been actively competing in local/regional events. I have a 4 man masters team event in 2 months and wanted to change my programming to better prepare me for this competition. I have all the standards available. Mayhem is currently focusing on some strength cycles which are fine but I wanted to up the intensity/volume a little for this competition so I peak at the right time. No local coaches are much help. Anyone have any luck with setting up personal programming online? Really want someone to focus me on the specific exercises and with a team emphasis. Thanks for the help.

Steven Wingo 07-22-2016 08:10 PM

Re: Programming for competition
Due to a busy schedule, I am starting to follow Julie Foucher's "Train" program on Beyond The Whiteboard. I am recovering from surgery, so I can only do about half of the stuff right now--modified--but I love the programming. It is designed to be one hour of intense work for people who are busy. I am impressed with the programming and several aspects of how it is presented (a built in timer and ease of recording).

I'd suggest you look at some of the competitor's programming, such as Icon Athlete (Spealler and Sherwood). Invictus has competitor's programming, as does CrossFit New England (Comp Train). If you are two months out from an important competition, I would look at trying to go back in time and follow their programming leading up to the Open or Regionals--which would be more final prep.

One key with the online programming is you need to assess your weaknesses and make sure you are tweaking the programming to fit you. There is lots of great programming out there, proven stuff. But the coaches doing that programming, if they were programming for you directly, would tweak it for you if they knew your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. To me you can probably do it yourself--it is not rocket science. Identify your weaknesses (BTWB is great for it--I have zero affiliation with it) and substitute or supplement to train your particular weaknesses.

If money is not a factor you could probably get some great coaches out there to program specifically for you.

Jason A Smith 09-06-2016 10:51 AM

Re: Programming for competition
Just saw this today.......not sure what you ended up doing. There are a pile of options out there today. If you were looking for something cost effective I would say Invictus Masters is your best bet.

I have a personalized program. As a Masters athlete you want someone who knows what they are doing with folks our age as your response to training is quite a bit different than folks at age 25. I work with Mike F out of OPT in Calgary. There are a few other Masters programs out there including CompTrain and Outlaw as well as Icon athlete and BruteStrength. For personalized stuff there is OPEX, OPT (in Calgary), Invictus, Doug Chapman (Hyperfit), Raw Strength and Conditioning (who does Brent Fikowski's stuff) and a number of others.

Pick one and stick with it for a whole season.

Good luck.

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