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Christian Eric Montano 12-15-2005 02:28 PM

I've seen a few posts for set / rep randomizer with real good ideas. I would like to share one that I came across and found effective and in the spirit of CrossFit.

As a MMAer and Submission Grappler I came across the Body Low Dice by Lloyd Irvin. Her is the link:

THere are three dice one with body weight exercises, one with rep #'s, and the other with set #'s. You choose the amount of time say 15 minutes and roll the dice and start hitting it. I modify the scheme by doing jumping jacks, running in place, or jump rope in between sets so that I keep moving. The options are almost endless.

This gives a great workout that is randomized, if you get tired of the exercises that or on the dice or have an injury that prevents you from doing an ex. you can always substitute and do what CrossFitters are good at, Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!!!

The dice are only available for purchase with the book and not seperately, pretty pricey. I respect Mr. Irvin and all he has done , but I rate the book a 2 out of 5 simply because it's very basic and might be good for somebody with no prior knowledge in fitness.

If anybody is intrested I can post the dice set up so that you can make your own for like $5. Also there is a way I conceived to do it with index cards. Let me know. I hate cliche's but "sharing is caring".

Jonathan Kessler 12-15-2005 07:32 PM

Thanks for sharing.

The folks out there charging huge money for simple training ideas (plus loads of hype) simply bug me.
Especially with the good folks who are putting out better information (entire programs) for FREE.
Thanks Coach, Lauren, and the CF Community...

Here's a free alternative - excerise poker.
Assign an exercise to each suit in a deck of cards.
So, for example, Hearts = squats, Spades = pullups
Each "1" is 5 reps.
Deal yourself a hand of 5 cards. 5 of hearts = 25 squats.
Play your hand.

Christian Eric Montano 12-16-2005 07:03 PM

Dominoes also make a great number randomizer. Pick some exerecises and either rotate them or put on face down index card. Also have dominoes face down turn one over of each and hit it. Option 2 turn over two dominoes the one on leftis always rep # and on right always # of sets.

Fokai "exhaust the body, proceed the mind, cultivate the spirit".

Rob deFreese 12-18-2005 10:09 AM

Great idea Jonathan!

Another way we use the cards is to go through the entire deck, assigning an exercise to each suit. Each card is then it face number of reps. So 2-10 J=11, Q=12, K=13, Ace=14.

Blast through for time. You get 104 reps of each exercise.

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