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Cody Miller 04-29-2010 08:56 PM

Shoulder injury from M.E. Oh squatting, mid back injury from cleans, and QL pain?
Ok, I'm a wreck as of late... Two recent injuries and one that never seems to fully recover. First of all, months and months ago I strained my right quadratus lumborum muscle doing squats and after lots of ART work it healed quite well. Unfortunately when I perform heavy back or front squats, I can feel the pain when I attempt to fully extend my hips at the top of the squat. So no pain on the way down but when I am locking out at the top...

Second of all, a couple weeks ago I was doing M.E. sets of 5 on overhead squats and got 205ibs. great and attempted 215ibs. On the fourth rep, my shoulders wore out and I lost the rep hearing my left shoulder "pop" in the process. It didn't really hurt at the time but I knew it would the next day and I was right. Two weeks later it is much better but it is still a bit bothersome when I perform back squats due to the stretch. I can peform pushups and ring dips with no problem. I haven't pushed overhead much but I haven't experienced pain with it, just a bit scared due to instability maybe. I have been going to a chiropractor who has been ARTing the crap out of my left scapula area as well as my pectoralis minor.

Lastly, I have hurt something in my lower trap/mid back region a couple times doing bear complexes. Basically what happens is a muscle or something back there becames really inflamed and makes it painful for me to extend my thoracic spine into the correct upright posture. I assume that it is muscle related but could be a subluxed rib. When it first occurs there is slight pain with breathing. It goes away after time but it seems to be a reoccuring thing so I need to get to the bottom of it. My plan thus far has been incorporating bent barbell rows once a week and supine rows once a week to help strengthen the muscles. Also I have been doing pronated Y's and wall slides for lower traps.

Sorry for the length but hopefully someone can help suggest a few methods to help heal my injuries and keep them from happening again. Thanks alot.

Steven Low 04-30-2010 07:52 PM

Re: Shoulder injury from M.E. Oh squatting, mid back injury from cleans, and QL pain?
Ughh.. there's too much here.

For the strain you need to work yourself back up with high rep work. Reverse hypers are fine.

If you're still in the hurts phase somewhat you may need some specific work from strain protocol wfs


The problem with the pop is you don't know how or why it occurred. If it's a common occurence then it may indicate a probelm such as a bankart lesion in which case you may need surgery.

If it was just a fluke thing you need to let it heal and calm down inflammation, then ratchet up the rotator cuff strength and isolation work before continuing with heavy compound movements.


The scapular problem may contribute to your shoulder problem. I don't know.

Get yourself assessed and figure out what the problem is. I have ideas of what it is, but it's all guesswork.

I suggest you get yourself assessed for both of hte last two problems.

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