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Adam Kurland 04-26-2010 12:47 PM

Indoor Stair Running
At the risk of asking a completely moronic questions.... I live in a high rise apartment building in NYC, and recently began finishing off my kettlebell workouts with quick "sprints" up the stairs (I'm adding one flight a week- now at 17). Is it a valid concern that because after each set of stairs I turn left to get to the next flight, I may be promoting injury or some kind of muscle imbalance?

There aren't any good outdoor options as far as stadiums/hills by me that I can substitute.


S.S. 04-26-2010 01:08 PM

Re: Indoor Stair Running
I've heard of runners getting imbalances from running against traffic, since some roads have a drainage ditch and the left leg would be lower than the right leg. Most ultramarathons that are timed events around a track will switch directions every 3 hours or so to prevent one leg from getting overly fatigued.

If you're only doing one ascent a couple times per week, I don't think it's anything to worry about. If you're doing 10+ miles of stair running per week, then I'd say yes, but it doesn't sound like you are.

Katherine Derbyshire 04-26-2010 01:18 PM

Re: Indoor Stair Running
You might check to see if the stairwell on the other side of the building turns the opposite way. But I'm with Shane: shouldn't be a big deal unless your volume is huge.


Jason Needler 04-27-2010 10:21 AM

Re: Indoor Stair Running
Or you could try alternating directions as you go up. I got it: the staris go left .. but maybe at the top of a flight you could kind of side step to the left and then spin around to your right (instead of spinning left every time) and head up the stairs? It would probably make the workout harder, by killing your forward momentum and requiring more coordination, agility, and balance ... but why would a CrossFitter want to work harder and develop those three physical skills? ;)

Of course, this would depend on the exact size / structure of your stairs, but it was just a thought ...

Casey Raiford 04-27-2010 10:27 AM

Re: Indoor Stair Running
Our box is in an empty three-story building. We've been running stairs for a year now and I love it. No problems thus far.

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