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Jake Thornes 06-12-2006 06:20 PM

A couple months ago my hand started hurting when I used the computer. Cracking it helped. Didn't really notice it for awhile. I started doing a lot of pushups and both hands started hurting.

I've been taking Aleeve and icing it but its still a little tight. When I make an ok symbol with my fingers and squeeze, sometimes it pops and feels better. I also hear a lot of cracks and pops on its own. My thumb on the same hand keeps locking up too. Think its regular tendinitis? My shoulder is popping too. I think its related. I have been taking aleeve for about three weeks.

Would stretching the area help?

I want to add that putting pressure on the middle of the underside of my arm, a couple inches from the wrist, helps.
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Christian Lemburg 06-13-2006 12:42 AM

Massage the muscles of the affected arm, from neck / shoulder down to the forearm. Look for tight places (knots or "rubber cable" muscles) and massage with good pressure, using a tennis ball on the wall or the knuckles of the other side fist. Probably massaging the forearm muscles will bring the most relief, but don't neglect the shoulder /neck muscles as they can restrict blood flow to the hand if tight.

See [url=][/url] for a short summary on why and how to massage.

If you have to type a lot or use a mouse on the computer all the time, think about getting a good ergonomic keyboard (e.g., Kinesis ergonomic keyboard) and a mouse replacement (e.g., graphic table with pen).

Good luck, and fast recovery,


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