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sofrgr 06-26-2003 04:47 PM


Couple of things. First, I started a week behind the actual workout of the day. This allows me to lay out a week's worth of training and prepare for it. Prep the battlefield.

Second, as far as the running portion. Instead of running at a track or on a treadmill I got in my truck and drove around the gym marking off a 400m distance. What I do is conduct the run around the course that I have laid out and run right into the gym to the exercise equipment that I need for the lifting exercise.

As far as mixing and matching or having a gym day, track day, home day, etc I am not the best person to answer that question. One of these other guys who has been doing this a while or Coach himsel will have a better answer. I am no expert but I am sure there is some reason for the order and the combination of the exercises.

If you build yourself a set of rings build a set that is transportable that way you can carry them to the gym.

As far as the mental part you are exactly right. The more fit you are, the better shape you are in and the more prepared you are for selection it will be a lot easier mentally. You will find that the better shape you are in the less you have to tap into those mental reserves. Also, survival (aka staying healthy) is one of the other keys to passing a selection. The more functional strength and core body strength you have the less likely you are to get injured. I feel that CF will definitely help in this area. I saw a lot of the guys in my selection class who were strong in the weight room or fast on the track not make it through selection because of injuries. Before I went to selection I did a lot of the functional exercises like those in the link I provided, especially the farmers walk and the sandbag walk.


what is your take on Alexander setting a track, gym or home day, basically breaking up the wod to accomodate the facilities? any suggestions?

De Oppresso Liber

John King 06-28-2003 08:51 AM

That is a brilliant idea of driving around your gym and marking off 400m! Sometimes if I get to the gym at an hour when everyone else is off from work I cant get near a treadmill because all the middle aged women are walking on them for an hour. They wonder why they are still fat!
Well, it figures a SF guy would be more clever than me I was just a Marine grunt!! Im definetely going to do that. Great to have you hear and appreciate any and all comments you have!
John King

Alexander Karatis 06-30-2003 02:20 AM


The week for preparation is something I think Im going to follow. I just wish I had a homy gym with everything I need inside but I dont.

The run (when asked to mix it with other stuff) will most definately be around the gym too. (Your approach is the only one I know that works too)...Of course, running into the gym will mean no chit-chat with the pretty girls in the front desk:-) The treadmill is a definate no-no in my case especially for HIIT runs-Thats a fast track to getting injured!

I see what youre saying about the rings, and it seems Ill have to be carrying more stuff with me since my gym as big as it is, doesnt have medicine balls, ropes, etc. Ill have to find all the practicalities however, like what room do I do each, where Ill be hanging the rings and rope from etc.

I suppose Im still a bit sceptical about attempting Olympic Lifts for the first time, or getting the attention of 200 people by bouncing a ball on the wall. (I think Ill start bringing some music with me so I can just crank it up and zone out)

Anyway Sir, thank you for the reassurance and the advice, and I hope I can start commeting on the WODs themselves ASAP!



Derek 07-14-2003 01:15 PM

Hey Alex,

Your worries are well founded and noted, and with that said trust in CrossFit!
Yes, to mixing up your routines. As a mater of fact the routine is the enemy of your workouts productivity. Your body will adapt to new stimulus (WODs), this adaptation will allow you to perform at a higher level, thus you make progress with your workouts. The catch 22 comes in when the body becomes strong enough to deal with the stimulus, then the athlete plateaus and makes little or no gains in his fitness. This CrossFit deals with this by randomly introducing new exercises and challenging the body to over come new workloads with the old exercises! We use an infinitely varied array of intervals, loads, and exercises to keep your body guessing as to what it may face next (just like in BUDS or real life), this allows for a broad rang of adaptation to occur.

Try to stay away from Running one day and Lifting the next day this will only lead to gaps in your fitness! Say you run on Monday and lift on Tuesday, and lets say you can run a 5 min mile, and you can bench press 400lbs. Sounds very impressive right, but what if you have to sprint 800 meters then bench, could your body handle this kind of exertion if you trained the running separate from your lifting? I can tell you from my own work that the answer is a resounding no! The workout of the day when approached with intensity is crippling to all who attempt it. You will have to learn how to modulate your intensity to just survive the work out, but this is just as valuable as the workout. You are going to have to learn how to do it at BUDS as well!

Alex, you will get stronger, faster, and increase you flexibility with Crossfit witch is what you need to physically succeed in BUDS. Please note some will inevitably be faster than you, some will be stronger than you, but very few will be faster and stronger than you!


Alexander Karatis 07-16-2003 03:12 AM

Thank you for the response Derek!

I can safely say that Ive never been as excited as I am now about starting a fitness routine. As I keep my regular weight training and HIIT for the moment, just so that I can prepare for Crossfit, build my knowledge base and get everything in order, I must admit that I feel some envy for you guys already well into the program!

Well, I have no doubt that this is the training for me Im just taking it easy and jumping full steam because:

A. My gyms subscription means that Ill have to make a list of the stuff that I bring with me, and plan the practicalities of everything (where to do this that and the other).

B. Ill need to find someone to show me the Olympic lifts and some of the other more technical exercises.

Routine is the enemy. I am certain of that, not only from the trust I have developed in Crossfits viewpoint, but also from personal experience. Anyway, I just hope Ill be able to do as mamny of the WODs as possible (due to practicalities again)...

Thanks a lot for the guidance guys!
(Now imagine what a Crossfit franchise of training centers would do to the fitness world!!!)

Tony King 09-08-2003 04:46 PM


I am looking to go to SFAS after the new year. I was wondering if you can tell me if need to adjust my training any....Mon-Sun I do a body part in the morning before I go to work. (Mon Chest, Tuesday Back, Wed Abs, Thurs Delts, Fri Tri's, Sat Bi's, Sun Abs again) After work I do the best I can with the WOD. Then on Tues, Thurs, Sats and Suns I run, after the WOD. Am I doing too much? Should I concentrate on something? I have read the recommended work out for attending SFAS. Should I do that? From what I have read, in past discussions, is that CF's WOD is the way to go. It's not that doing all of this is killing me, someday's are definitely harder than others, but I want to work smarter not harder to set myself up for success. Any input you or anyone has would be appreciated.

John King 09-09-2003 08:02 AM

If it were me I would forget about the one body part per day, and concentrate on the WOD. On the days off, I would swim or run.

F 09-09-2003 02:30 PM

Yep...forget bodybuilding garbage...obstacle courses, sandbag workouts, carrying people, running with equipment on your body, running with equipment in your hands, rope work, wall climbing, heavy ruckmarching, gasmask work, swimming with and without weight, etc.. If you're going to try to add anything to the WOD, that's the stuff, not a bodybuilding routine.

Tony King 09-09-2003 03:38 PM

John and F,

Thanks for the advise. I think I am really gonna miss the body building stuff though. Since going to the one body part a day routine I have started to notice a lot of growth. I don't want to give that up, you know?

mark a. blakemore 09-09-2003 03:42 PM

Yea, but look at the functional fitness you'll gain. Years of training like a bodybuilder won't come close to what you'd gain in weeks with this. You're making the right choice.

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