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Renata Speranza 11-25-2011 04:02 AM

24-hour-challenge! Please help!
Hey there!

On December 3/4, 2011 my gym is hosting a 24-hour-charity event.

That means, that some athletes will be crossfitting during 24 hours. Every hour a new CrossFit-WOD.

This all is to help building up a community center in Malawi for a better future.

Goal of the project is empowering youth groups to have the knowledge and skills to reach out and assist new youth groups in their quests to improve the quality of life in their own communities. The project aims to create a wave of community improvement spearheaded by youth groups who confront issues of HIV, malaria, TB, nutrition, gender rights, family planning, education, vocational training, organic and sustainable small plot farming, and water harvesting and conservation.

You can find more infos about the event and the athletes (I am one of them too) on the following site: [url][/url] (wfs).

We already did this last year and it was a great success!

So, if you want to help, please donate whatever is possible. You can find the link for donations directly on above site too. All the money goes directly where it needs to go!

Any support will be highly appreciated. :thanx:

Let's help giving those young people a chance in life! :highfive:

Thanks again!

Renata Speranza 11-29-2011 07:02 AM

24-hour-challenge! Please help!
Hi everybody

99 hits, no reply :shrug: :confused:

Well.... anyways....

On Thursday, December 1, 2011 Worlds AIDS day is coming up.

We're doing this 24-hours-workouts for helping others, not for helping ourselves.

So if you feel, like you'd want to help, please go on above mentioned site and donate whatever is possible. Please help to make a difference.

We're a community and help others to build their community!


Renata Speranza 12-02-2011 07:17 AM

Re: 24-hour-challenge! Please help!
Hello everybody

Less than 24 hours to go to the beginning of the 24h-challenge!

I am looking forward to it and also a little scared... I've never attended anything similar... so it will also be my personal challenge!

If you want to follow the event, please look on ourTwitter page (Twitter: @crossfitzurich)

I know it's difficult to have "spare money" these days... but if you can contribute whatever, everything will be highly appreciated.

You can also follow the event on the already posted website.


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