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Ross Greenberg 12-22-2004 04:57 PM

I'm going to be in the Santa Cruz area within the next week. I have a lot of questions about visiting Crossfit though, if it's even feasible. How does visiting crossfit work? Is there a fee, can I join in on a training session just for the day, what are the hours, who will be there when, does meeting the "stars" of crossfit cost more money, etc.? Thanks a lot guys, I can't tell you what an improvement this site has made on my fitness level.

Lauren Glassman 12-23-2004 01:30 PM

We hold group classes in the morinings at 6-7-8 and 9 Monday through Friday. You are welcome to any of these and there will be no charge since it is your first time. Our classes usually run $15 each. There are also classes on Saturday at 9 am and in the evenings Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6pm.

Come on by!!!

Ross Greenberg 12-23-2004 05:00 PM

Thanks a lot Lauren. I assume you guys are closed for Christmas, but if you aren't I might want to go then.

Lauren Glassman 12-23-2004 05:26 PM

You may want to contact [][/email] to make sure she is holding class on Christmas.


Beth Moscov 12-23-2004 05:56 PM

Lani and I will be there at 9:00 am on Christmas. I don't know who else might show up but your welcome of course!

Lani Lau 12-24-2004 12:18 PM

It would be great to see you tomorrow (25 December) at 9am.


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