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Vic McQuaide 03-27-2019 09:48 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Tuesday normal warm up.
Dead lift- 115x5, 185x5, 255x5, 325, 355, 385, 415 for an easy single.

Class warm up- TGU, push ups, plank holds, bear crawls

Push press- all x5- 45,75,105,135,165,195 felt good.

Warm up metcon- T2b and db snatch alt. 50#

5 rft-
20 alt db snatches
10 t2b
6:04 RX+

Felt good went out hot and died a bit.

Vic McQuaide 03-28-2019 07:37 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Wed- had the Grandson for 6 hours. Took him to the Dark Side for 2.5 hours. Everyone likes the little guy.

Rowing- did about 2k worth of recovery rowing. Stretching was good. About 20 min of that.

Wall balls 20#- 5x10 or 50 reps. The knees were feeling used.

Class warm up- :50 of cal and :50 of clean pulls, power and squat-

15 min amrap- My back is just getting better so not going to drop the hammer. 1 clean, 1 hang squat clean un broken
135-205 easy. Then decided to give the knees a break and just do power clean-
215,225,235 felt good but the catch was lazy elbows. Shut it down.

3 rounds for time
60 dubs
10 un broken clean and jerks- 95#
4:30 RX decided to not do RX+ because I have worked out 7 days straight and my back was less than 100% feeling.

Some stretching and cool down. Will be a welcome No workout day off Thursday.

Vic McQuaide 03-29-2019 07:53 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Thursday - Day off from the gym.

Shoulder still same. Needs attention and long warm ups
Back is workable- just need to take it easy for a bit more. Stretch more.
Upper middle back- Kind of a stitch pain. Kept me up last night. Rolled out on hard ball.
Knees are doing fine.
Sickness about 95% healed up.

Weight was 189 on Wed. So the diet is better.

Received 15 workouts to do by MQ time. They are good ones meaning what I have to work on. I have asked about 10 peeps to help me with them. Doing on on Sunday. Monday AM with the coach and two others. Monday PM going up to Bob my friends gym to do his workouts. Will be a good test of where I am at.


Vic McQuaide 03-30-2019 01:06 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Friday- usual warm up. Class stretch and warm up.

For time:
1000 meter run- 4 min
4 rope climbs
20 strict hspu- 10/6/4

800 meter run
3 rope climbs
15 strict hspu 10/5

600 meter run
2 rope climbs
10 strict hspu- 10

400 meter run- 1:25 pace really pushed it. I wanted to come in front of the beast Taylor-
18:22 RX Plus

Cool down on bike. Laundry and Trash.

Chill watching the practice on prime.


Saturday- Warm up with class (mountain climbers/jumping jacks/air squats)

20 min AMRAP- Partner workout. I did this with my Coach Dawn Fletcher

200 meter run with the slam ball- 20#

Partner A planks
Partner B
15 slam balls
10 squats with the ball
5 burpees
Then switch Partner B planks and Partner A does the slam balls, squats and burpees.

We did 5 plus rounds. Not killing our selves but a good push warm up-

Enter workout "Midline Madness"

25 ghd
50' OH Walking lunge fat bar with 105#
50' hs walk- must be 25' min- I did R1-50, R2-50, R3 25/25

Was a hard workout. Sub 10. Need a little bit more ghd fitness.

Sled pull, under hand. Sled 75# and weights- 80# until Dawn got on it then Crystal was on it. Was hard. But felt good at the end.

Question of the day was what is your Why? I don't have a strong answer to draw from. Plenty of minor ones (and some major ones) but when the workout or comp swats you my Why could range from "Why did I sign up for this comp", Why am I here, why do I really care if so and so beats me. I have over 30 days to develop a montra.

I believe that if I can stay healthy, get about 5% more fit and drop 3-5 lbs all will be fine for the MQ in May.

Vic McQuaide 04-01-2019 01:45 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Sunday was a long and good warmup-
40 cal row- got up to speed fast, about 1 cal per pull- 1100-1200 pace. 2 min.
35 cal bike- that one went ok. Maybe little less than 2 min.
30 t2b- went well- 10/8/6/6 short rest
Enter the 115# 25 thrusters. Horrible just ate my lunch. 6,5,5,5,4 maybe
20 burpee bar mu- the form was not that good. I had one miss/no rep-
13:30 or so. Not my best work.

With more time under thruster I believe that it would have been a better workout. Better form on the mu would have helped out also.

20 min Cindy cool down.
5 strict pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats-
About 16 rounds just chilling.

__________________________________________________ ______________

Monday AM-
Good long warm up-
9 min emom
1st min- 12 ski cal
2nd min- 10 bar facing burpees
3rd min- 1 snatch pull/1 power snatch

10 rounds every 1:30 power snatch-
95-165 not the best day but all good.

3 rft
50 dubs
40' hsw
5 squat snatches- 145# final round I did 155/160/165/170/175
Took time to load the weights but all great reps- Total time was 9 min. Would have 1 min faster if I stuck with the 145#.

1 min row/1 min off (8 rounds) 20 cal each felt good.

Vic McQuaide 04-02-2019 08:15 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Monday PM-
Long warm up, serious stretching and some shoulder rehab.

Back squat 45-225x10 easy. Loading up the back slowly.

Metcon was
3 rft
20 s2o 95#
20 pull ups
3:38 RX- felt good about that time.

Feeling good about getting in better shape. Weight is about 190. I'm eating better each week. Sleep has been better. Gracen my grandson is sleeping better. Work is busy and the gym is busy. So all is good.

My coach Dawn Fletcher gave me the AMRAP by Jason K. I identify with Jason as it has been a life long "Why" for me. Finding my way to my top of the different sports. The longer I stay in a sport the longer I feel that I have a better chance to the top. Its funny the Granite Games was the first major championship win for me without a team around me. I have been a great teammate being able to push myself harder for them than I can for myself. I will have to look into why this is. But for now we are just trying to get in better shape, work on some of those holes. We can accomplish much in the next 30 days.

Vic McQuaide 04-03-2019 08:40 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
decided to take the day off yesterday (Tuesday) from the gym. Did some stretching and some shoulder rehab. Long evening session tonight.

Alex Burden 04-04-2019 04:32 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
U got mail Vic :D

Vic McQuaide 04-04-2019 09:42 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Wed- very long warm up.
4 rounds not for time
10 ghd
20 wall balls

Worked on the rowing start- 3 quick strong pulls and settle down in to race pace. Total of 2k rowing. Did the AA bike warm up and cool down.

80' walk with 80/100/150 slam balls with 3 sets of 8 reps each arm row's- 40/60/70#.

9 min warm up metcon- 8 cal row, 40' bear crawl, 1 wall walk and a snatch complex with empty bar-

Every :90 for 8 rounds- I have been on light duty for the back. So went easy-
1 snatch pull
1 squat snatch
1 snatch balance
1 ohs-
65#-155# all easy.

Warm up for the class workout-

15 min AMRAP
15 power snatches 115#
15 ohs 115#
3 rope climbs

Lucky to have Taylor with me.. She is in 87th out of 25000 in the 35+ ladies. She is a beast with a motor- The class had some 3 rounds I was in hopes for 4 rounds.

I was going for it.
6/5/4 and straight into 10/6 ohs. I took breaks and was feeling good. I went up the rope fine and maybe 3:30 for the round.
R2- was feeling good made a big mental error- 6/5/4 and was going straight into ohs but I failed the first rep (with 10 min left on the workout). I should have broke at 14 and then powered then to the Ohs- cost me some time and mental poke at my brain. 10/6 then went up the rope. Taylor did the snatches in singles and ub on the ohs. We climb about the same.
R3- 4, singles- then 9/6 on the ohs- decent climbs. Had about 3.5 min left.
R4- singles were ok but just not with any violence or true motivation. I was looking at the clock and not putting my head down and going for it. I completed 30 reps in the 4th round. 3 rope climbs from my goal. Taylor powered thru the 4 rounds and got 1 rep in the 5th.

Overall I did ok. If doing it again I would have done 6/5/3 then hit the last ps and get right into the ohs. I would call that a lack of strategy. I would have tried a little harder to avoid the singles for longer into the workout.

Cool down on the Air bike.

Vic McQuaide 04-05-2019 07:14 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
4 rounds of
20 cal row 800-1200 pace
15 db strict shoulder press- 25,35,40,50
Not for time

12 min emom
Even min 10 reps un broken- 115,185,215,245,275
Odd min- 10 box jump overs

Clean and jerk- 5 sets of 5 reps :45 work :45 off- which includes changing weight 125,145,165,185,195

8 min emom-
Even min- 32' of walking lunge- 50# db in each hand- focus was getting the weight to the best position and going fast-best time was :16
Odd min- 10 squats #50 each hand. Focus was to go fast as possible- usually :20

I am a steady lunger. But I now have to be a fast lunger. Would be less time under tension and get to rest longer.

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